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Attached to this page are icons for use that represent core projects of OpenStack. These particular icons are licensed with Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. If you are seeking the OpenStack logo, refer to http://openstack.org/brand for guidelines.

Exported formats

300 Dpi (jpg) Nova-complete-300.jpg

300 Dpi (png) Nova-complete-300.png

Source files

SVG file Nova-complete-300.svg

EPS file File:Nova-complete-300.eps

Exported formats

300 Dpi (jpg) attachment:glance-complete-300.jpg

300 Dpi (png) attachment:glance-complete-300.png

Source files

SVG file attachment:glance-complete-300.svg

EPS file attachment:glance-complete-300.eps

Exported formats

300 Dpi (jpg) attachment:swift-complete-300.jpg

300 Dpi (png) attachment:swift-complete-300.png

Source files

SVG file attachment:swift-complete-300.svg

EPS file attachment:swift-complete-300.eps