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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is often used as a real-time communication capability with open source projects. We're pretty proud of the friendly vibe in the OpenStack channel and invite anyone wanting to ask questions or talk about all things OpenStack to the channel.

IRC software can be found for all operating systems. The IRC clients comparison chart on Wikipedia can help you pick one for your operating system

You don't have to have a complex setup to use IRC. You can use the web client for Freenode, which doesn't require any download or setup. Just pick a nickname and join #openstack: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=openstack,openstack-101.

OpenStack IRC channels (chat.freenode.net)

If you want to start a new IRC channel, please consult with the InfrastructureTeam in #openstack-infra or at openstack-infra@lists.openstack.org to ensure it gets registered appropriately. If you don't know what IRC is, here are a few guidelines.

IRC Channel Description Current Schedule
#openstack general discussion, support
#openstack-cinder cinder team discussions
#openstack-swift swift team discussions
#openstack-nova nova team discussions
#openstack-neutron neutron team discussions
#openstack-horizon horizon team discussions
#openstack-dev general and cross-project development discussion, including keystone team discussions
#openstack-hyper-v Microsoft Windows guests and hypervisor discussion
#openstack-infra developer community infrastructure, continuous integration
#openstack-ironic ironic & bare metal discussions
#openstack-manila shared / distributed file system service team discussions
#openstack-marconi queue/messaging marconi team discussions
#openstack-meeting team meetings
#openstack-meeting-alt team meetings, alternate channel
#openstack-metering ceilometer team discussions
#openstack-opw GNOME OPW mentor, intern and supporter discussions
#openstack-packaging packaging discussions
#openstack-chef deployment and operating OpenStack with Chef
#openstack-doc documentation team discussion
#openstack-101 guidance for new contributors
#openstack-community coordination of community activity
#openstack-translation translation groups discussion
#openstack-qa QA team discussion
#openstack-trove trove database team discussions
#openstack-dns Designate DNS team discussions
#tripleo TripleO team discussions
#openstack-vmware The VMwareAPI team discussion channel
#openstack-state-management State management in OpenStack discussion channel
#heat Heat developer discussion channel
#savanna Savanna team discussions