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I18n Extra-ATC collection

How to deal with Extra-ATC data

  1. At the beginning of the release goto https://releases.openstack.org and look for Extra-ATC deadline and mark the date in your diary
  2. Few days before checkout governance and i18n repo
  3. goto the tools/zanata directory in i18n repo
  4. run zanata_users.py to refresh the user list and submit a patch
  5. run zanata_userinfo.py to get detailed user info from Zanata. This step requires ~/.config/zanata.ini file, get it's contents from Zanata User settings -> Client. You have to be Zanata server admin to be able to pull extended users information.
  6. goto https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/I18nTeam/ATC_statistics to see when the last statistic run was done
  7. clean up old versions in Zanata to improve runtime
  8. run zanata_stats.py with the right timeframe, i.e. ./zanata_stats.py -s 2018-02-26 -e 2018-07-09 translation_team.yaml (be carefull, this step takes at least one day)
  9. goto playbooks directory in i18n repo
  10. copy projects.yaml from governance repo here
  11. copy zanata_stats_output.csv and zanata_userinfo_output.csv here
  12. run ansible-playbook generate_atc.yml
  13. review output /tmp/atc.wiki and edit the wiki page with the new data (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/I18nTeam/ATC_statistics)
  14. review output /tmp/atc.stats and prepare a patch for projects.yaml in governance repo (delete old I18n Extra-ATC and copy the new in)
  15. copy zanata_stats_output.csv to doc/source/data/<cycle>.csv in i18n repom edit doc/source/atc-stats.rst, and propose a patch
  16. announce the results