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This page is not maintained now (Aug 2017).

The documentation structure is being restructured drastically (called "doc-migration" to individual project teams).

Document categorize

Translation team use this page to track the status of documents and decide the priorities of translation.

Resources Target Update Frequency Priority Comments
admin-guide-cloud Admin Content stable 2 - Medium Under reorganization for Mitaka, from role-based to task-based
api-guide Developers Stable 1 - High
api-ref-guides Developers Stable 3 - Low Contains WADLS we can't translate at the moment
arch-design Admin Content stable 3 - Low Under reorganization for Mitaka
api-ref Developers Unstable 3 - Low API is going to be changed. So this doc will be changed in the future.
user-guide End users Content stable 1 - High
user-guide-admin Admin Content stable 3 - Low Under reorganization for Mitaka, will be merged into admin-guide-cloud and removed
common Common Stable 2 - Medium Glossary (RST) and contents are used by other books
glossary Common Stable 3 - Low For DocBook, glossary for RST is inside common
install-guide Admin Stable 1 - High Work In Progress
ha-guide Admin Unstable 3 - Low
openstack-ops End users Content stable 2 - Medium Plan to be reorganized for Newton
config-reference Admin Unstable 3 - Low
image-guide End users Unstable 2 - Medium
security-guide Admin Stable 2 - Medium
upgrade-guide Admin  ???  ??? Under discussion (at now, inside OpsGuide)
networking-guide Admin Stable 2 - Medium