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OpenStack on Hyper-V


  • Weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays at 13:00 UTC on Freenode in room #openstack-meeting-3
  • The Openstack mailing lists can also be used for communication. The [hyperv] tag should be included in email title.
  • If you have any issues with the installer or code, please file a bug, or ask a question.


  • The current development is now integrated within the core projects including nova, neutron, cinder, ceilometer, networking-hyperv, os-win, os-vif, os-brick, designate, and others.
  • We are currently tracking and preparing for the Pike milestones.
  • Bug can be filed using the standard OpenStack practices.

OpenStack Windows Server 2012 R2 Evaluation

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Evaluation is now available as a downloadable image that can be directly deployed to the following OpenStack-supported hypervisors:

  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • XenServer / XCP

Note: This release has a specific Microsoft-provided EULA that must be accepted before download. This is an evaluation edition meant to be used in test environments only.

Getting Started

Supported features on Hyper-V (by release)

The latest feature set supported by Hyper-V can always be found in the Hypervisor Support Matrix.

OpenStack Havana/Windows Server 2012 R2

Work is in progress for continued support of Hyper-V in the Havana release including support for Windows Server 2012 R2. Following are the blueprints that have been accepted into the code base as of the h3 freeze:





OpenStack Grizzly/Windows Server 2012

  • Launch
  • Reboot
  • Resize
  • Pause/Unpause
  • Suspend/Resume
  • Inject networking
  • Inject file (functionality through cloud-init for Windows)
  • Volume Attach/Detach and Boot from Volume
  • Live migration
  • Snapshot
  • iSCSI
  • Set admin password (functionality through cloud-init for Windows)
  • Get guest/host info
  • Glance integration
  • VLAN networking/Routing (VLAN and Routing functionality through the Quantum Hyper-V Plugin - VlanManager mode is not supported with nova-network)
  • Flat networking
  • Config drive

OpenStack Folsom/Windows Server 2008R2

  • Start\Stop
  • Pause\Unpause
  • Suspend\Resume
  • Snapshot
  • Volume Attach/Detach, and Boot from Volume



  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Other work in progress.




  • The OpenStack Essex Compute Node includes various fixes, the added features mentioned above, and a service based installer.
  • Python 2.7.x (32-bit) is required and MUST be installed first.
  • The installer uses the Essex stable source with some back-ported changes to allow this to run as a service on windows.
  • In the nova\tools\windows\msi_installer folder there is an example_nova.conf file you can use for the settings specific to Hyper-V.
  • Because this runs as a service on Windows which is a bit different than Linux, your nova.conf file needs to be put in nova\bin within your OpenStack installation directory.
  • You can also feel free to patch the installer and submit a pull request to the Punchy Code repo mentioned above.

Summit Presentations