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This page is here to collect examples and use cases of Horizon customization and extensions. The goal is not to show users how to do it, but rather to inform the developers about what are the needs of users and which parts of Horizon's customization could be improved. Please add your own section to describe what you are doing to Horizon.

Tuskar UI

  • Add a whole new dashboard with its own panels.
  • Change the default panel.
  • Remove all other dashboards and panels.
  • Extend the lists of exceptions for the exception handler.
  • Add a new required option to the configuration.

Add site-specific information

  • Give a link to site-specific information (e.g. usage-policy) on login page


  • Support SAML for the Public Cloud use cases
  • Support Kerberos for the Private Cloud Use cases (only Kerberos provides a decent mechanism for Constrained Delegation)
  • Support X509 Client Certificate Authentication

(Please write what/how you are customizing, not your wish list for Horizon's features.)