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= [https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Main_Page OpenStack] Dashboard ("Horizon") =
= OpenStack Dashboard ("Horizon") =
== What is Horizon ? ==
== What is Horizon ? ==

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OpenStack Dashboard ("Horizon")

What is Horizon ?

Horizon is the canonical implementation of Openstack’s Dashboard, which provides a web based user interface to OpenStack services including Nova, Swift, Keystone, etc. Please see Introducing Horizon for a thorough look at what Horizon is and what the aims of the project are.


Source code
Bug tracker


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7 (not compatible with python 3.0).
  • A Keystone (identity and authentication service) endpoint.
  • A Compute (Nova) endpoint, with all compute services (API, scheduler, compute, network, etc.) running.
  • An Image Store (Glance) endpoint.


  • An Object Store (Swift) endpoint.
  • A Quantum (networking) endpoint.

Getting Started

Please see the Horizon Quickstart Guide and Horizon Deployment Configuration Guide for the latest information on obtaining the code, creating a local settings file, running a development server, and considerations for a live deployment.