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This is a comparison of the equivalent vocabulary for describing the primitives used during orchestration. The first column references This DSL.

See also: Heat/Vision

This is work in progress. Experts please amend as appropriate, and more comments at right or underneath.

This DSL CFN TOSCA CAMP - Comments
Component juju charm; puppet, chef roles Node Template Application Component, Platform Component Maybe a AWS::CloudFormation::Init section at a stretch? Answer: no.
Blueprint template Service Template / Topology Template Assembly Template
Deployment stack service instance (note: the TOSCA spec does not explicitly define instance objects) Assembly
Static Resource more properties/metadata Deployment Artifact Application Component Template
Deployment Resource resource Node Template / Deployment Artifact Application Component Mostly the same
Options Parameter declarations Node- and Relationship Type Properties
Inputs Parameters Properties defined in Node- and Relationship Templates Parameters CAMP Parameters = WIP
Constraints Parameter constraints Property Constraints or restrictions in XSD
Provider (none) covered by Capabilities concept; instantiated Node Types could act as proviers, where the Node Type Implementation would be the provider implementation (out of scope, related to requirements and capabilities) Resource Plugin exposed so the user can choose the plugin they want? Answer: An abstraction for implementation details.
Environment (none) not defined; Requirements can be expressed against the environment (out of scope, related to requirements and capabilities) An Environment may span multiple providers in multiple clouds

As reference: charts with TOSCA introduction presented at design summit in Portland: File:TOSCA in Heat - 20130415.pdf