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Heat Graduation Review

Why we think we are ready

We have followed the full OpenStack process for the entire G cycle

Heat has been in development for about 11 months. Our developers have learned to follow the openstack workflow while implementing a pure OpenStack style implementation of orchestration during the G cycle.

There are many people evaluating Heat for field deployments

Several enterprises are waiting for a stable G release of Heat to begin deploying. Some of those folks such as HP are contributing blueprints and code to improve Heat's functionality.

We have a growing user community

The Heat IRC channel is growing rapidly and adding new developers. The mailing list traffic related to heat is increasing as well.

Deployments want heat functionality

Lots of folks want an easy way to wrap all of the great OpenStack APIs into one template format. We provide value for these deployments and speed up deployment and development times.

Developers are interested in Heat

We have many blueprints scheduled for H submitted by community developers.

We work with other core and non-core projects

We currently work with all core projects including Nova, Cinder, Glance, Quantum, Keystone, Swift, and Horizon. We were an early adopter of Oslo, before it entered Nova or other projects. We also have interest in working well with Ceilometer and have contributed ideas and patches to implement some of our dependent functionality. Finally we are always looking for new projects to integrate with. An example of a new integration point is Moniker which had a blueprint for G cycle but was deferred to H because of maturity problems with Moniker client libraries.

Architecture Maturity

Our architecture is mature and stable. Most of our G cycle workflow has been about fixing bugs that have crept in during development. We also have a few blueprints in G to improve functionality. We have spent significant effort sorting out the Monitoring portion of Heat by asking Heat developers to get involved with Ceilometer and drive Monitoring into the proper location.