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Heat Development Process Guide

This is a guide to the development process for contributors to heat


All contributors to heat must sign the OpenStack Contributor Agreement:



You must have a Launchpad account, with your SSH key registered.

Read the following:



Issue/Bug Tracking

All issues (bug fixes and enhancements) are currently tracked through https://bugs.launchpad.net/heat.

Bug-fixes and minor enhancements (e.g adding missing functionality to existing resources) should be tracked through launchpad bugs, major enhancements and new features should be tracked through launchpad blueprints.

If you want to work on a fix or new feature please raise a new issue for it (unless one already exists) and assign it to yourself, so other developers know you are working on it.

Coding Style/Standards

Wherever possible heat aligns with existing openstack code structure and conventions, and in addition all code must pass pep8 style rules before it can be merged.

When starting work on new features it is recommended to look at existing openstack code where appropriate to see if there is common code which can be reused, or stylistic or logical patterns which can be copied.