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Graffiti Directory

A common API to "tag" and search across existing and new services for cloud content based on the metadata vocabulary, ad-hoc properties, names, and descriptions.

See Graffiti/Architecture

Expanded Contextual Overlay

Below is an overlay of Graffiti concepts with Graffiti components.



In Graffiti, resources are a common way to represent a type of resource from a given provider. They have the following:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Resource Type
  • Resource Endpoint
  • Freeform properties (those not associated with a known namespace in the dictionary)
  • Flat properties (those associated with a namespace, but not a capability type in the namespace)
  • Capabilities (instances of capability types)
  • Requirements (references to required capability types as well as the constraints)

For example, a resource may be of type volume. It may come from a specific Cinder endpoint registered in Keystone. It may have the capability of a certain kind of OS and may also have MySQL on it.