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Meetings/TechnicalCommittee/Heat Gap Coverage

The following issues were identified as part of the Heat Gap Analysis that was discussed by the Technical Committee on 15 July 2014.

Mission statement

Heat has a mission statement on its wiki page, but it needs to be proposed formally to the governance repo.

  • Owner: zaneb
  • Milestone: juno-3

Upgrade testing with Grenade

In order to verify upgradability to new versions of Heat, we need to add it to the Grenade test suite. A patch has already been proposed, and work is ongoing to get it ready to be merged.

  • Owner: shardy
  • Milestone: juno-3

Improved functional testing

Progress on writing heat functional tests has been slow for a few reasons including:

  • Review bandwidth for tempest changes
  • The challenge of building a custom full OS in the gate environment

The high-level plan for closing this gap is:

  • Move the existing tempest orchestration scenario tests into the heat tree to be the first heat functional tests. The tests will depend on heatclient and a working OpenStack cloud (usually devstack)
  • Core team members will write functional tests for existing features
  • New features will receive a -1 until they are accompanied with functional tests
  • Building a custom OS during a gate run will make it possible to write functional tests that interact with more configuration tools
  • Rackspace QE will contribute some of their tests to the heat functional tests
  • HP developers will work partly on Tempest tests as they get up to speed on Heat
  • When tempest-lib is ready, move the existing tempest orchestration API tests into the heat functional tests

Specific changes which are ready for review now:

  • Owner: stevebaker
  • Milestone: juno-3