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Governance/Old Incubation Request


The process for the inclusion of new projects in OpenStack is fully described here. The OpenStack Incubation request is the first step for an external project to become incubated.


To apply, you need to create a wiki page about your project, with at least the following information:

  • Project codename
  • Summary (one sentence abstract of the project)
  • Detailed Description (what is the purpose of the project and vision for it? describe the relevance of the project to other OpenStack projects and the OpenStack mission to provide a ubiquitous cloud computing platform)
  • Basic roadmap for the project
  • Location of project source code
  • Programming language, required technology dependencies
  • Is project currently open sourced? What license?
  • Level of maturity of software and team
  • Proposed project technical lead and qualifications
  • Other project developers and qualifications
  • Infrastructure requirements (testing, etc)
  • Have all current contributors agreed to the OpenStack CLA?

Then you need to send an email to the Technical Committee at openstack-tc@lists.openstack.org, with a copy to openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org for community discussion. That email should at least contain a link to the above-mentioned wiki page.

Technical Committee review of your application

Your application will be considered in a future Technical Committee meeting.