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As the OpenStack community grows, new teams and efforts will emerge and aspire to become official OpenStack Project_Teams. This page describes the the process those efforts can follow to become a project team. This process is fully driven by the OpenStack Technical Committee.

Teams and efforts

Work in the OpenStack project is organized around teams of people working in the same area. Those grow naturally and organically, and no permission is needed to create a team. Teams should generally discuss on the openstack-dev mailing-list and hold IRC meetings.

As the team work matures, some technical efforts will be recognized as essential to the completion of the OpenStack project mission. By becoming an official Project Team, they place themselves under the authority of the OpenStack Technical Committee. In return, their contributors get to vote in the Technical Committee election, and they get some space and time to discuss future development at our Design Summits.

Becoming an OpenStack project team

Teams and efforts which want to become a project team should file a motion to the Technical Committee (email to openstack-dev ML with a heads-up email to the openstack-tc ML pointing to the -dev thread), including:

  • Detailed mission statement (including why their effort is essential to the completion of the OpenStack mission)
  • Expected deliverables and repositories
  • How 'contribution' is measured within the project team (by default, commits to the repositories associated to the program)
  • Main team members
  • Proposed initial project team lead (PTL)