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DefCore Committee maintains this page to help define

What is DefCore?

DefCore sets base requirements by defining 1) capabilities, 2) code and 3) must-pass tests for all OpenStack products. This definition uses community resources and involvement to drive interoperability by creating the minimum standards for products labeled "OpenStack."


  • Core Principles - the process that governs the selection of core. See Governance/CoreDefinition
  • Core Capability - core capabilities are the definition of core. OpenStack products demonstration that they work for the core capabilities. We believe it’s important to use the word “core” here and not introduce new terms like “required” “baseline” or “essential.”.
  • Capability Selection Matrix – this is how we pick core capabilities by scoring them with the selection criteria
  • Selection Criteria – this is one of 12 factors considered in selecting core capabilities. See Governance/CoreCriteria
  • Designated Section – a part of the code that the OpenStack technical community has identified as required to be implemented. See https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84712/
  • Capability – the functionality ensured by a set of tests collected into a group as defined by the technical community (the DefCore committee has made preliminary assignments to start the process).
  • DefCore – the board committee that oversees that core capability selection process for each release and other items related to the commercial brand.