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This Committee was formed during the OpenStack Ice House Summit in Hong Kong by Board Resolution on 11/4.

Interop Working Group sets base requirements by defining 1) capabilities, 2) code and 3) must-pass tests for all OpenStack products. This definition uses community resources and involvement to drive interoperability by creating the minimum standards for products labelled "OpenStack."

Our mission is to define "OpenStack Core" that is supported by all implementations as chartered by the by-laws.

Important Artifacts

  1. Terms Definition
  2. 10 Core Principles (board approved Hong Kong Summit)
  3. 12 Scoring Criteria (board approved Atlanta Summit)
  4. Designed Sections Principles (board approved December 2014)
  5. Interop Working Group Governance:
  6. Interop Working Group Process (board approved June 2021)
  7. Capabilities & Sections
    1. Current Guidelines
      1. Current OpenStack Powered guideline
      2. Current Orchestration add-on program guideline (Heat)
      3. Current DNS add-on program guideline (Designate)
      4. Current Shared File System add-on program guideline (Manila)
    2. Draft of the Next Guidelines
      1. draft of the next OpenStack Powered guideline
      2. draft of the next Orchestration add-on program guideline (Heat)
      3. draft of the next DNS add-on program guideline (Designate)
      4. draft of the next Shared File System add-on program guideline (Manila)
    3. Previous Guidelines
      1. OpenStack Powered and Add-on Guidelines
      2. Source Directory of all previous OpenStack Powered Guidelines
      3. Source Directory of all previous Add-on Guidelines

Objective / Scope

The Interop Working Group is around how the OpenStack brand is applied for commercial uses. Initially, this focus is on "what is core" and sustaining that definition over time. The scope will likely expand since the brand is an ongoing concern related to specialized marks and other use cases.

There are three ways in which the community uses the OpenStack brand including referring to projects.

  1. General community use of the mark
  2. Project-specific use associated with development activity
  3. Governed commercial use

While the top two of these uses are out of the scope of the Interop Working Group, the committee has a need to participate in the discussion to ensure consistent and clear use.

How to Engage?


Since December 1st, 2022, the Interop WG meetings have been held on meetpad on https://meetpad.opendev.org/interop at 5 pm UTC every Thursday Convert time to your timezone: https://mytime.io/16pm/UTC

If you cannot use Meetpad, you can ping the #openstack-interop channel at 5 pm UTC on Thursday. The latest meeting notes/minutes are posted on the Etherpad: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/interop. The agenda is also posted to Etherpad: https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/interop and hashed at the start of the meeting.

Minutes of Interop WG 2020 meetings

Minutes of Interop WG 2021 meetings

Logs of past IRC meetings can be found here. Much Older meeting logs from when the interop group was called "Defcore" are here.

Current Committee Leaders

Current Leaders:

The interop WG is assisted by the "refstack" core group who help maintain various code repositories.