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This Committee was formed during the OpenStack Ice House Summit in Hong Kong by Board Resolution on 11/4.

Our mission is to define "OpenStack Core" as chartered by the by-laws and guided by Governance/CoreDefinition

This page is work in process....

    1. Governance Process
  • Meetings will be interactive using Google Hangouts
  • Members are expected to to their homework. We will not be rehashing due to time limits.
  • Meetings will work from resolutions that are proposed in advance with +/- voting.
  * no proxies
    1. Meetings/Agenda Schedule
  • Meeting 11/20 prep
  1. Agenda / Notes / Minutes [[1][Committee Structure Planning]]
  • Meeting 12/3 8:30 PDT Agenda (tentative)
  1. Bylaws change - Discuss Bylaws change proposal
  2. Kick off the test selection criteria sub-committee
  3. Define a process by which
 # programs are nominated for use with the mark
 # by which tests certified for use with the mark
 # test list is vetted and approved by the board
  1. Question: do we need to have multiple levels?
 # if so, Need to decide on naming for levels of compliance.  E.g.: "core/concensus" and "commons" and "edge" 
  1. RefStack.org review / demo
  2. Approve Timeline for Implementation for Havana & Icehouse
  • Meeting 12/17 3pm PDT Agenda (tentative)
  1. Committee resolves bylaws changes to advance to community vote