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Governance/Old Incubation Request

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Note: This page describes a deprecated process


The process for the inclusion of new projects in OpenStack is fully described here.

Note that to be incubated, a project first needs to be attached to an official program. If your project is not attached to an existing program, you should also follow the process for creating new programs in parallel.


The Technical Committee reviews, and ultimately approves or denies your incubation application. In order to facilitate incubation requests, the TC maintains a list of incubation (and graduation) requirements in the governance repository.


To apply, you need to create a wiki page about your project, with at least the following information:

  • Project codename
  • Trademarks (Does this project name, codename or contents use any trademarks, and if so, who owns them? List the codenames or other marks for which a trademark search should occur.)
  • Summary (one sentence abstract of the project)
  • Parent Program name and PTL
  • Mission statement (if the project is part of a new OpenStack program)
  • Detailed Description (what is the purpose of the project and vision for it? describe the relevance of the project to other OpenStack projects and the OpenStack mission to provide a ubiquitous cloud computing platform)
  • Basic roadmap for the project
  • Location of project source code
  • Programming language, required technology dependencies
  • Is project currently open sourced? What license?
  • Level of maturity of software and team
  • Project developers qualifications
  • Infrastructure requirements (testing, etc)
  • Have all current contributors agreed to the OpenStack CLA?

Then you need to send an email to openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org for community discussion. That email should at least contain a link to the above-mentioned wiki page. You should also post a separate email to the Technical Committee at openstack-tc@lists.openstack.org pointing to the -dev discussion. Use separate emails to avoid cross-posting, that way the discussion itself remains on the openstack-dev mailing list.

Lastly, when you think the discussion is sufficiently advanced, propose a governance change to formally request a TC vote on the matter. Edit the reference/programs.yaml in the openstack/governance repository and propose a patch. The proposal is discussed at a TC meeting and voted in gerrit by the TC members.

Technical Committee review of your application

Your application will be considered in a future Technical Committee meeting.