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Committee Description and Scope

Now that the OpenStack Foundation is launched, and the Technical Committee (TC) and OpenStack Board are formed it is important to update the Incubator process to better align with the bylaws and mission of the OpenStack Foundation.

Perceptions around the current defined Incubator process have grown to infer that a project must either graduate to the status of an OpenStack Core Project (Core) or it must eventually fail to make progress or becomeabandoned. This perception needs to change and the Incubator process updated. The OpenStack community will grow to contain many projects critical to the success of OpenStack but in which it will not be prudent nor necessary to be destined for Core.

Since the bylaws define that the TC exercises the authority to add, combine, delete, or split modules from the OpenStack Project and as it is the responsibility of the Board to approve or reject additions, combinations, splits and deletions from the Core OpenStack Project it is important to update the current Incubator process to enable and promote efforts within the community while facilitating the TC and Board to work together for the proper advancement of OpenStack technologies.

Specifically the OpenStack Board and TC is asking that we work together to examine the current incubator process. The scope of the effort should include:

  1. Update the definition and terms of the Incubator process
  2. Level set Incubator status expectations
  3. Provide education on the definition of Core
  4. Define multiple avenues for project entry, growth and incubator exit
  5. Upon completion of the effort, the TC and Board will approve, publish and promote the updated process

Committee Members


  • Alan Clark

Board members (3):

  • Monty Taylor
  • Rob Hirshfield (Alternate)
  • Randy Bias
  • Boris Renski (Alternate)
  • Kyle MacDonald
  • Eileen Evans (Alternate)

TC members (3):

  • Anne Gentle
  • Mark McLoughlin
  • Thierry Carrez
  • Russell Bryant (Alternate)


  • Jonathan Bryce
  • Mark Collier (Alternate)

December 6th Committee Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions - AlanClark
  2. Keeping community updated and involved - AlanClark
  3. Future meeting logistics: dates/times/frequency - AlanClark
  4. Committee Scope - AlanClark
  5. Develop a basis of understanding of how things work today and the current issue
    1. Review of the current Incubator process - Mark McLoughlin
      1. What we expect from Incubating projects, how we help them and how we decide whether they're ready to graduate
  6. What "Core" currently means and why the term is causing confusion
    1. Learning from others: Should we invite LSB, Eclipse or ASF to discuss how they address this similar question?
  7. How the TC and Board see the project growing over time
  8. How we can keep the concept of a project being "part of the OpenStack project" separate from the concept of "required in all OpenStack(tm) clouds"

December Xth Committeee Meeting Agenda

  1. Begin to outline updated definitions and processes
    1. The Genesis of a project
      1. Define what it means for a project to be part of the OpenStack ecosystem
      2. The criteria we think we should apply when considering proposals for projects to be included in OpenStack
  2. Incubation of a project
    1. Define the purpose of Incubation
    2. Define different models or categories of exit from the incubation process
  3. Define criteria for the differrent model or categories
    1. Defining Criteria
    2. Charecteristics