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December 6th Committee Meeting Agenda

(Topic - Topic Leader)

  1. Introductions - AlanClark
  2. Keeping community updated and involved - AlanClark
  3. Future meeting logistics: dates/times/frequency - AlanClark
  4. Review of the current Incubator process - Mark McLoughlin
  5. How the TC and Board see the project growing over time
  6. What "Core" currently means and why the term is causing confusion
    1. Learning from others: Should we invite LSB, Eclipse or ASF to discuss how they address this similar question?
  7. The criteria we think we should apply when considering proposals <
    > for projects to be included in OpenStack
  8. What we expect from Incubating projects, how we help them and how <
    > we decide whether they're ready to graduate
  9. How we can keep the concept of a project being "part of the <
    > OpenStack project" separate from the concept of "required in all <
    > OpenStack(tm) clouds"<