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Proposed Budget and Funding Structure

Other relevant documents:


Governance Structure

Proposed Budget

Annual operating budget: approximately 4-$5mm (equal to current Rackspace funding for the same activities today)

Net annual fundraising target via memberships & corporate sponsors: ~$4mm (less the majoirty of the cost of the bi-annual OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, which will primarily be subsidized through event sponsorships)

The funding will enable the Foundation to deliver on it's Mission as it takes on the tasks previously managed (and funded) soley by Rackspace as noted in the Structure document.

Funding and Resources

Strategic Members will fund $500,000 per year (paid annually) with a five year commitment. Governance documents will allow Strategic Members to withdraw from Board and funding obligation if Foundation changes its mission. Associate Members will fund an amount equal to total company revenue times .025%, with a minimum of $50k and a maximum of $250k. In addition to the funding commitment, Strategic Members will provide operational resources to the Foundation such as staffing or development environment infrastructure. Resource requirements will be developed in more detail by the drafting committee, but the general expectation is a resource commitment that is consistent with staffing two full time equivalents.

In addition to Strategic and Associate Members, there will be an opportunity for companies to support the OpenStack foundation and receive marketing benefits at a lower cost by becoming a Corporate Sponsor. The pricing and benefits for Corporate Sponsors have not yet been determined, but will likely include placement on OpenStack.org and access to OpenStack wordmark and commercial use logo (for products meeting technical requirements).

Additional funds will be raised through event sponsorships, like the OpenStack Design Summit & Conference, industry conferences and regional events.