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== Intermediate/Point Releases ==
== Intermediate/Point Releases ==

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Intermediate/Point Releases

Core OpenStack projects are managed on a time-based release cycle. To date two such releases have been completed. Occasionally these releases require critical updates before the completion of the next time-based release cycle. Because of this, the community has asked for a policy on if and how such releases should be made.

Temporary Policy

The Oversight Committee and members of the OpenStack community have not reached consensus on a long-term release policy that will take into account schedules, patches, long-term support for releases, distribution channels and other considerations. However, because of the need to do an additional release for Bexar, the following temporary policy has been approved to be in effect through the Diablo release.

  1. All core projects should follow a time-based release schedule for major releases. All projects will release together and at the point of release, areas of interaction between the projects should be fully functional
  2. In between time-based major releases, individual projects have the flexibility to do intermediate or point releases as they see fit
  3. The *-core team for a project will decide when and if a point release for their project is needed
  4. The OpenStack release manager should facilitate the point release and oversee the approval of included functionality