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= Splitting An Existing Project =
= Splitting An Existing Project =

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Splitting An Existing Project

Time: 2011-03-17

Drafter: JonathanBryce

Status: Pending

Splitting A Project

Occasionally, an existing OpenStack project may become so large or complex that it make sense to divide its components into their own projects. Splitting the project will allow core teams to form around different areas of expertise and force clear boundaries for interactions between distinct parts of the project.

Before splitting, the components that will be pulled into a standalone project should meet the requirements laid out for new projects in terms of maturity and resources available to further the project Governance/Approved/NewProjectProcess.


If those requirements are met, the following steps describe the process for proceeding with the split:

  1. To initiate a new project from an existing project, the existing project's core team should vote in a public form (e.g. an OpenStack mailing list) to split the existing project.
  2. The existing project's core team votes on an initial PTL for the new project.
  3. Any of the existing project's core team members who wish to become core team members of the new project may do so. Additionally, the existing project's core team may vote to appoint new core team members who are not part of the existing project's core team. The new projects core team must consist of at least 3 initial members.
  4. The new project should be documented in the wiki and should contain the initial list of core team members and the initial PTL.
  5. After the new project proposal has been posted in the wiki Project Policy Board will vote to ratify the proposed project and core team.
  6. The new project's initial PTL will become a member of the Project Policy Board.