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See https://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/ptl.html#core-member-maintenance
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{{ caution|https://governance.openstack.org/tc/|This is a governance item from the PPB era, kept for historical purposes. Current OpenStack governance rules live at: }}
== Governance/Approved/CoreDevProcess ==
'''Time: ''' <<[[DateTime]](2010-12-15T22:10:17Z)>>
'''Drafter: '''[[RickClark]]
'''Drafters Email: ''' <<[[MailTo]](rick AT openstack DOT org)>>
'''Status: ''' Approved
=== Process for adding new Core Developers ===
In OpenStack a core developer is a developer who has submitted enough high quality code and done enough code reviews that we trust their code reviews for merging into the base source tree.  It is important that we have a process for active developers to be added to the core developer team.
I propose that the following process be the default process.  The default CoreDevProcess will be automatically followed by every sub-project, unless a sub-project writes and submits its own [[CoreDev]] Process that is subsequently approved by the POC.  Core Developer status is not universal and must be applied for separately for each sub-project.
To be considered for Core Developer status for a sub-project a developer must:
* be actively involved in the sub-project for a period greater than 90 days
* have submitted code that was accepted into trunk for that sub-project
* have a pattern of useful code reviews
When a developer has met the criteria over a sustained period of time, a member of the existing core team can nominate them for Core Developer status by sending an email to the OpenStack developer list. When a developer feels they have met the criteria and would like to apply for Core Developer status, they can contact members of the existing core team for their opinion and feedback on the matter. Alternatively, the developer can send an email to the main OpenStack mailing list requesting to become a Core Developer for a specific sub-project.
We will use [http://www.apache.org/foundation/glossary.html#LazyConsensus  lazy consensus] for the approval vote from the current sub-project core developers. The lazy consensus process shall last five days after the email is sent to the mailing list.  During the lazy consensus period the applicant must get approval responses from either 5 active Core Developers or a simple majority of the active Core Developers, whichever is smaller, with no rejection votes.
A developer may apply as many times as necessary, but must wait 30 days between applications.

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See https://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/ptl.html#core-member-maintenance