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General Task List of Gluon

Here is the list of general tasks:

  • For Demo:
    • Setup system with base linux bridge networking
    • Use separate SDN-C for each host to support gluon networking
  • Investigate using subclass of Neutron Core plugin to direct bind/unbind operations to Gluon/Proton
  • Create repos based on new architecture
    • For now, we need to consolidate everything back int one repo
  • Need to update devstack code to install Gluon
    • Install etcd.
    • Setup database
  • Create Fuel plugin to install Gluon
  • The requirements.txt files needs to be updated and aligned with the Global Requirements
  • Investigate how different VIF drivers can be used for different port types on the same hypervisor
    • Need to understand VIF plugging and how it affects Gluon
    • Generic VIF driver may be okay for most use cases
  • Investigate and resolve synchronization issues in the gluon/proton architecture
    • Need to re-sync proton with gluon upon restart
      • This is partially done
    • Synchronization of mysql and etcd databases needs to be investigated
      • Are we covered if Proton restarts or etcd is unavailable for a period of time?
  • Synchronize bind operation with SDN controller
    • There is no feedback if the SDN bind fails
    • Need to make sure bind is done before VM is spawned. Synchronize bind with port_update response
    • Binding information needs to be pushed back to Proton
    • Should Proton just read this from etcd?
  • Fix VPNAFConfig in L3VPN Model (only one reference currently)
  • The API modeling approach needs to be cleaned up
    • Need a baseport that is common to all APIs
    • Right now each new API should need to copy/paste baseport object
    • Binding information needs be be modeled consistently
    • Separate table or part of baseport?
    • Or, just resides in etcd?
    • IP Addressing information should be modeled with a separate table
    • IPAM is broken with current model. It is possible to assign IP address that cannot be supported because of SDN-C/Host mapping
  • Proton needs to be reworked to support multiple APIs
  • Create a cookiecutter (or script) to create a new API within the Proton source tree
  • Sync thread needs to be updated to use log table to support Proton HA
  • Modify Proton code to use MySQL (currently only using sqlite)
  • The Particle Generator only supports flat APIs at this time. Support for hierarchical APIs was started but not completed.
  • We need to add unit, functional, and tempest testing
  • Need consistent way of handling empty/unset fields in the API
  • Rebuild Gluon to not use particle generator
  • Need a strategy to handle database migrations if the API model is changed
  • Need to hook in keystone authorization to access API (wide open now)