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PoC for OpenStack Summit Boston, May 8-12, 2017

PoC Scope and Scenario Description

The goal of the PoC is to showcase Gluon and Proton, and demonstrate the unique value of Gluon to enable quick development and deployment of new networking service APIs. The business value proposition includes:

  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Improved business agility

The PoC Scenario includes:

  • Four YAMLs and Protons/APIs: L3VPN, SFC, P2P and ELAN
    • Write 4 YAMLs for L3VPN, SFC, P2P and ELAN service models respectively
    • Use Particle Generator to generate 4 Protons / 4 sets of APIs respectively
    • NO CODE is needed to implement those APIs on SDN Controllers, except those already supported.
  • Showing:
    • 4 YAMLs and generated 3 Protons
    • Related presentation/explanation
  • Then demonstrate a fun use case for interoperability of multiple SDN controllers using L3VPN Proton API
    • MINIMUM CODE is needed to automate passing RT and RD parameters via L3VPN Proton API
    • BGP peering among those SDN controllers
    • Contrail may need a separate setup because their BGPVPN support is via Monolithic Plugin instead of ML2 Mechanism Driver for Gluon.

The PoC is NOT interested in how the packets are flowed / data path (which is out of scope of Gluon)

Lab Status

  • OPNFV Pharos Lab in Germany
    • 2017/03/28
      • There is a bug in Fuel OpenStack
      • Georg is re-deploying Fuel OpenStack, and Gluon accordingly
      • Robert’s team is also deploying ONOS there
    • 2017/04/12
      • Nova issue was resolved, and VM can be booted
      • There were problems due to re-installing some OpenStack packages with pip while the services were running. Restarting the services solved the issue
  • Huawei Lab in Santa Clara
    • 2017/03/28
      • Machine is up. 2 networks are configured – public and private (192.168.x).
      • Robert is working on configuring 3rd admin network (10.0.0.x).
      • Will try to install NetReady Gluon via Apex installer. Georg will work with Robert.

OpenContrail Status

  • 2017/03/28:
    • Issues are found on Contrail side when Kamil tries to deploy Contrail
    • Kamil is asking Sukhdev for help regarding the issues of deploying Contrail
    • Mechanism Driver cannot be deployed until Contrail can be successfully deployed.
  • 2017/03/29:
    • Kamil is able to deploy Contrail
    • Next Step is to deploy Mechanism Driver on Controller node
  • 2017/04/12:
    • Kamil was able to run Contrail, and authenticate with keystone on node
    • Problem was that one of interfaces was up without IP affress and zookeeper couldn't handle this
    • So Kamil still needs to resolve issue with Service Monitor service
    • Then Kamil will deploy Mechanism Driver
  • 2017/04/13:
    • Contrail is working correctly.
    • Insufficient disk space results in Contrail node is running low
    • Kamil will resize VM and bring more disk space.


  • Parameter List for BGP Peering
    • Idea is to use Proton API to pass parameters to SDN-C so that SDN-C can do BGP peering with other SDN-C.
      • Automating BGP peering in ODL and ONOS using Proton L3VPN APIs
    • 2017/03/28
    • 2017/04/12
      • Georg submitted a new patch set (#2) based on comments. Then patch was approved merged


  • 2017/03/28
    • Georg will work with Ericsson engineer to complete it.
  • 2017/04/12
    • Draft of SFC YAML is being reviewed.
    • Georg will submit a patch


  • 2017/03/28
    • Robert and Ian will work together on it.


  • 2017/03/28
    • Eric Bell will provide Ian with information of ELAN service
    • Ian will look into YAML definition based on information from Eric
  • 2017/03/30
    • Eric Bell gave the ELAN YANG information to Ian