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Glance tasks scrubber

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Implement Tasks scrubber for Glance

Glance Tasks are currently never deleted. This project would involve writing a scrubber logic for soft-deleting tasks as a part of Glance codebase

Difficulty High, Medium, Low (judge if the idea can be accomplished by a totally new developer or someone already skilled in OpenStack or distributed systems)
Topics Comma separated list of topics, like the OpenStack projects involved
Required skills Python
Extra skills
Mentor Nikhil Komawar
Status Assigned to Geetika for Outreachy May 2015
Program Outreach May-Aug 2015

Glance folks are pretty active on #openstack-glance channel most of the time and would be willing to share their opinions on this or any other project. Please reach out on IRC to get a detailed information on this.

Initial blueprint. A new BP would be needed to get this implemented. It would also be a responsibility of the candidate.

Expected results: Patchsets submitted for review, reviewed by community members.

Development notes