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Feature Support and Stability

In the spirit of openness and time-saving, this page contains a matrix chart to describe the feature stability by release so that companies, organizations, and individuals can see which version of the OpenStack Image Service (Glance) has certain features that are stable and indicate which features that are experimental.

OpenStack Image Service (Glance)

Feature Austin Bexar Cactus Diablo1 Essex Folsom Grizzly Havana
Install from Package N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Paste.Deploy Server Startup N N Y Y Y
Standard Configuration/INI File Processing N N Y Y Y
Migration of database on upgrade N Y Y Y Y
Logging N N Y Y Y
Outbound event notification system N N N D4 Y
i18n/l10n N N N D4 Y
Shared Image Groups N N N D4 Y
QPID Support N N N N Y
Filesystem Driver Y Y Y Y Y
Read-only HTTP(S) Driver Y Y Y Y Y
SWIFT Driver N N Y Y Y
S3 Driver N N Y2 D43 Y
Local image cache on API server N N N D34 Y
Delayed Delete with Periodic Purge from Storage N N N D3 Y
Configurable number of Glance API processes N N N N Y
Image replication N N N N N
Store image data in tenant-specific swift accounts N N N N N
Python Glance Client N N Y Y Y
Python Glance Client - Support for custom filters and paging N N Y D2 Y
Python CLI Tool N N Y Y Y
Python CLI Tool - Support for custom filters and paging N N N D4 Y
Client SSL Support N N N N Y
API Versions Supported 1 1 1 1 1
Support for Custom Key/Value Properties Attached to Image Metadata N N Y Y Y
Image Checksumming N N Y Y Y
Disk and Container Formats Standardized N N Y Y Y
Versioning N N N D1 Y
Paging of image metadata results N N N D1 Y
Custom Filtering N N N D1 Y
Custom Ordering N N N D2 Y
Image protection/unprotection N N N N Y
Image upload from external location N N N N Y
UUID Image Identifiers N N N N Y
Anonymous Access to Public Images N N N N N
Expose image location to trusted clients N N N N N
Integration with Keystone N N N D4 Y
Authorization support N N N N Y

N - Feature not included

Y - Feature fully supported

E - Feature was experimental

  1. Indicates the milestone release in which a feature was available, Y if the feature was supported in a previous release, or N if the feature was not available.
  2. S3 Driver only implemented GET
  3. S3 Driver implemented POST/PUT/DELETE with completion of LP Bug #713154
  4. Not available on Windows
  5. The CLI tool was marked as legacy in Folsom - it has been superseeded by the python-glanceclient project