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Developer Information for Gerrit 2.8 upgrade

The Infrastructure team is planning on upgrading Gerrit (review.openstack.org) from version 2.4.4 to version 2.8.4 on April 28, 2014 at 1600 UTC.

How does this affect you?

  • The SSH host keys have changed, in order to avoid an error when submitting a change, you will need to update your known_hosts file (details for fixing this are below).
  • The Important Changes view has moved, it is at Projects -> List -> All Projects -> Dashboards -> Important Changes (and can be bookmarked).
  • The "Approved" review label has been replaced by "Workflow" and the Work In Progress feature has moved to "Workflow" as well.
  • Many cool new features.

DNS Spoofing Warning

You may see this error when you connect to the new host with its new host key:

The RSA host key for review.openstack.org has changed,
and the key for the corresponding IP address
is unknown. This could either mean that
DNS SPOOFING is happening or the IP address for the host
and its host key have changed at the same time.
Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
It is also possible that a host key has just been changed.

No one is doing anything nasty! We have a new server, and its host key is different from the old server. You can update your local copy of the server key by running:

   ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts -R [review.openstack.org]:29418

Then verify the host key by hand by visiting review.openstack.org and clicking Settings > SSH Keys (or visit https://review.openstack.org/#/settings/ssh-keys directly), then looking for Server Host Key > Fingerprint. Then run:

   ssh -p 29418 USERNAME@review.openstack.org gerrit ls-projects

And verify that the host key fingerprint presented matches what you see in the web interface. If it does, accept it and you're done!

Important Changes Dashboard

Gerrit 2.8.4 supports the creation of multiple project dashboards. The dashboard that was previously available as "Important Changes" can now be found at Projects -> List -> All Projects -> Dashboards -> Important Changes. We have the option of adding other per-project dashboards in the future. Any of these dashboards (or search queries in general) may be bookmarked.


In 2.8.4, the Workflow review label is new, and defaults to 0 Ready For Review. Use the radio button to select -1 Work in progress to set a patch to Work In Progress.

Work In Progress patches will have a red X in the Workflow column on the page for the individual patch. On the pages that aggregates patches, the right hand end of the table headers include: Updated, CR, V, W. The W is for Workflow. A red X will appear in this column for Work In Progress patches.

Core reviewers will find the "Approved" review value under the "Workflow" label (previously the label only had one value and was also called "Approved"). Other than the change of label name, the approval process remains the same.

Gerrit Trigger Plugin

The deprecated approve alias has been removed.

In the global configuration for the plugin, change the command to use 'review' instead of 'approve'.

New Features

This is a significant upgrade with many new features. Some that are of particular interest are:

  • "Cherry-Pick To" button -- using the web interface, you can cherry-pick a change to another branch. This may prove particularly useful for forward- or back-porting patches.
  • The commit message and topic are editable directly through the web interface (editing the commit message will create a new patchset).
  • Significant improvements to searching and filtering.
  • A complete REST API is now available.