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Tracking page for scheduler work in the Kilo cycle


The primary goal is to clean up the scheduler interfaces so that access to the Nova scheduler is clearly defined and isolated. To accomplish this goal there are a set of tasks (blueprints & specs detailed in the table below) that need to be implemented and landed in the Kilo release. Details on the background for this work is at this etherpad, this page is meant to be a concise summary & tracker of the work that needs to be done.


Task Patches Milestone Owner Status
1 Convert get_available_resources() to return object K1 D.Berrange Spec only
2 Make resource tracker use objects K1 P.Murray Spec only
3 Detach service from compute node Patch series K1 S.Bauza Reviewable (Spec + Implementation)
4 Add resource object models 127609 K2 J.Pipes Spec on review
5 Model request spec object 127610 K2 S.Bauza Spec on review
6 Change select_destinations() to use object 127612 K2 S.Bauza Spec on review
7 Isolate Scheduler DB 89893 131553 K3 S.Bauza/E.Leafe Spec on review


  1. Patch 131553 should be unnecessary after another patch about instance group setup in conductor.was merged