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Google Summer of Code 2018 OpenStack Template

The following should be used as a base for your proposal. You don't have to stick with it, feel free to add more items if you think its relevant.

Some tips:

  • Make sure that all the information you consider the reviewers should know its contained in the proposal
  • Be clear about the milestones
  • Notify if you are having other time commitments during the internship period. This won't determine a student being selected or not.
  • You are welcome to add as much information as you feel necessary, please see https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GSoC2014/Student/Masaru for an example.

Student Student name
Mentor Mentor name
Project Project name



This includes the brief introduction of the internship project idea.


You should highly mention why having this new feature is important

Project Goals

Briefly explain what are the deliverables, what you promise to add and what are the things out of your scope, during this three months Google Summer of Code internship period.

Schedule and milestones

This section you need to add project milestones and schedule tasks in days or weeks. In addition to this, please include your other commitments during this three months period such as exams, vacation or any other unavailable reasons.

Familiarity with OpenStack

In this section, you should show your familiarity with OpenStack. During the application period, we encourage you to become familiar with OpenStack and ask you questions using IRC channel and mailing lists.

  • You need to provide your work (bugs you reported, worked with any issues) with this application.
  • You also describe your plans for learning OpenStack development(If you have not worked with before).

Previous involvement with OpenStack

About Me

Please add your contact information in this section and write a few sentences about you.

  • Your Name
  • Background: Open source contributions, academic background, intern or work experience
  • University Name
  • Country and Timezone
  • Email Id
  • IRC nickname
  • Twitter Id
  • Contact Number
  • Coding Skills(programming language or software skills, python and OpenStack experience levels)

Good luck! :D