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Personal Details

Name: Your_Name_Here

Email: name@domain.com

Personal Website: http://yourdomain.tld

IRC nick: If you have been talking to people in the #openstack or #openstack-dev channels on IRC, include your IRC nickname here so the mentors will recognize you.

Phone number: If all contact methods fail because you are in an internet-free zone at some point, we can try your phone. Enter your phone number (with country code) here.

School Name: The name of your university.

Years completed: What year will you have just finished when you start GSoC?

Python Experience Level: Say beginner, intermediate or advanced. You will give more details in the experience section below.

OpenStack Experience Level: Say no experience, current user, or developer. You will give more details in the experience section below. Project Description

Link to project description: Please document your project proposal and provide a link to it here.

Describe your idea in detail: Whether you took the idea from our list of suggestions, from popular ideas submitted by members of the OpenStack community, or it's something you've come up with on your own, propose your project here. Please be as detailed as possible, including the problem you want to solve, the scope of the project (be specific about features) and the coding approach you'll take.

What have you done so far with this idea: Include any work or research on this project you have already done. Sharing the project idea on the wp-hackers mailing list in advance of your application is a good idea; if you have done so, summarize the list response to your project idea/approach. Note: summarize the discussion here; do NOT just link to the wp-hackers archive.

Anticipated challenges: Identify any challenges or risks there are to the project not being as successful as you hope or not being complete by the end of the GSoC term.

Potential mentors: If you have identified a person(s) to mentor you on this project, please name him or her here. If you have already been in communication with this person(s), please summarize your discussions so far (i.e., have you asked for feedback on the scope, have you already started talking about code approaches, are you already planning a mentor-mentee vacation together?). If you have not spoken with any mentors yet, but are interested in working with someone specific, say who and why. If you have no preference on who mentors you, just write, "No preference."