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As numerous companies are still running Kilo based OpenStacks, we believe Freezer needs support from that version onward. For that reason we are still catching up with OpenStack's release cycle:

  • Kilo will be tagged on 13/11/2015
  • Liberty will be tagged on 18/12/2015 latest
  • Work on Mitaka will start after that date


  • Spliting the freezer-scheduler into: [mitaka]
    • freezer-scheduler: daemon only that schedules backup/restore jobs using the freezer-agent.
    • python-freezerclient: api client used for job management.

Openstack Integration

  • freezer-api should use oslo.logging and oslo.config [liberty]
  • freezer-scheduler should use oslo.logging and oslo.config [mitaka]
  • freezer-agent should use oslo.logging and oslo.config [mitaka]
  • python-freezerclient should use cliff [mitaka]
  • Move to Tempest for integration test [mitaka]
  • Oslo.policy integration
  • Bandit integration

Freezer features

  • Support for new types of application-aware backup:
    • Pluggable backup mode abstraction layer
    • Oracle Database backup
    • Postresql Database backup
    • Redis Database backup
    • Elasticsearch Database backup
  • Support for SSL connections
  • Support for new backend to store backup:
    • Pluggable storage backend abstraction layer
    • Tape backend
  • Job session related:
    • Sessions names
    • Time synchronisation improvement
    • Synchronized backup across multiple technologies
  • Consistency check after a restore
  • Support for block based incremental [liberty]
  • Parallel backup upload to multiple backend fully supported (engine already merged) [liberty]
  • Support for properties that span across multiple actions on a json job definition [liberty]
  • Data deduplication
  • Define the metadata information across any type of backups or on any case
  • Backup listing from python-freezerclient [liberty]
  • Showing the content of a backup


  • Logging audit and improvement (what is logged and with which log level) [liberty]
  • Name collision prevention:
    • freezer-scheduler client_id [liberty]
    • freezer-agent backup_name

Goals continuously delivered

  • More and more features available though the Horizon Web UI
  • Improve documentation
  • Improve test coverage
  • Improve usability
  • Improve security


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