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Freezer Concepts

Freezer execute backups, restores and admin tasks through actions and jobs.


an action is the simplest execution of freezer, it could be a backup, a restore or an admin task.

An example of a backup using the agent:

   freezer-agent --action backup --backup-name my_backup --storage swift --container my_backup_container

An example of an action as an INI file saved as /tmp/my_backup.ini:

   action = backup
   backup_name = my_backup
   storage = swift
   container = my_backup_container

Then we can use the ini file like this:

   freezer-agent --config /tmp/my_backup.ini


A job is a wrapper around a single or multiple actions that will be excecuted by a client and it contains scheduling information for recurrent executions.

A job can be represented as a json file.


A group of jobs which share the same scheduling time, this is really helpful to sync backups across multiple nodes.


A client is an agent/scheduler running in a host.