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(Meeting Minutes)
(Meeting Minutes)
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== Meeting Minutes ==
== Meeting Minutes ==
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting1|Meeting #1]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting1|Meeting #1]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting1|Meeting #2]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting2|Meeting #2]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting1|Meeting #3]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting3|Meeting #3]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting1|Meeting #4]]
* [[Foundation/ProfessionalCertification/Meeting4|Meeting #4]]
== Timeline ==
== Timeline ==

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Professional Certification Working Group


The OpenStack Foundation is launching its inaugural OpenStack Certification Exam Program which will offer a career-path based Certification for OpenStack professionals. The Certification exam will be performance-based and focus on basic skills required to operate an OpenStack cloud: Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA).

Initially, a sub-group of Subject Matter Experts has formed a Job Task Analysis Committee (JTAC) tasked with developing an appropriate examination blueprint to be used in the preparation of the Certification. There will be additional sub-groups for question writing and governance.


  • Satoshi Konno, ASANLABS, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • Anil Bidari, Cloud Enabled, Bangalore, India
  • Eren Türkay, Skyatlas, Istanbul, Turkay
  • Andrew Boag, Catalyst IT, Sydney, Australia
  • The Rivero, HP, Salamanca, Spain
  • Arturo Suarez, Canonical, London, UK
  • Pranav Salunke, SUSE Linux GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany
  • Amrith Kumar, Tesora, Boston, USA
  • Sameer Verma, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA
  • Susan Wu, Midokura, San Francisco, USA
  • Michael Ford, Midokura, San Francisco, USA
  • Seth Fox, Solinea, Inc., Tucson, USA
  • Rick Evans, VMware, Sunnyvale, USA
  • Sean Winn, EMC, San Jose, USA
  • Phil Hopkins, Rackspace, San Antonio, USA
  • Megan Rossetti, Comcast, Reston, USA
  • Jeff Olson, Firefly, Milpitas, USA
  • Lee Xie, Mirantis, Mountain View, USA

Meeting Minutes