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Financial Team

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Status: Active

Chairs: TBD after the kick-off meeting at Sydney Summit.

Mission & What We Do
  • Coordinate with users, service providers and developers to identify and fill the gaps for OpenStack adoptions in financial industry.
  • Organize technical research teams to define the use cases for financial industry.
  • Promote technical reference architecture (RA), e.g. financial cloud management models, financial cloud network architecture, financial cloud security architecture, etc
  • Develop blueprint for financial cloud platform capabilities, identify the functional gaps, submit the requirement to the Open Source community for development and track the development progress
  • Share success story for use cases, experiences of implementation practice, and best practices in the finance industry.

1. Financial institutions

SN Institution Contacts
1 National Engineering Laboratory for electronic commerce and electronic payment
(China Unionpay)
Zulijun (zulijun@unionpay.com)
2 Bank of China Xuhong(xuhong@bankofchina.com)
Zhangle (zhangle_hq@mail.notes.bank-of-china.com)
3 Agricultural Bank of China Wudianyue (wudianyue@abchina.com
4 Bank of Shanghai Mayongxiang(mayx@bosc.cn)
5 Industrial Bank Renqi(renqi@cibfintech.com)

2. Community members

SN Enterprise Contacts
1 SUSE Zhuchen (chen.zhu@suse.com)
2 Intel Yih Leong Sun (yilh.leong.sun@intel.com)
Shane Wang (shane.wang@intel.com)
Hu Wei (wei.w.hu@intel.com)
3 China Mobile Liujunwei (liujunwei@cmss.chinamobile.com)
4 99cloud Likai (li.kai@99cloud.net)

3. Research institutions

SN Research unit Contacts
1 Fudan University Yejiawei (jwye@fudan.edu.cn)
Organization Structure

The Financial Team is open to all members from financial institutions such as banks, securities agencies and insurance companies over the world, including the financial IT service providers and financial scientific research institutes.

Based on the recommendations from the foundation, a chairperson will be assigned as the overall coordinator and leader of the Financial Team. He/she will be responsible for the program charter, calling for committee meeting and making key decision announcement.

The Financial Team consists of several sub Working Group in specific domains. Currently the planned working groups includes:

  1. Requirement definition subWG, which identify gaps when using OpenStack to build financial clouds
  2. Case collection subWG, which collect financial cloud user stories and promote successful case sharing
  3. Financial cloud Network Reference Architecture subWG, which focus on SDN-based financial cloud network solutions
How to join us

If you want to join Financial Team, please send an email to zulijun@unionpay.com with the following details describing your organization's OpenStack applications, financial industry relevance, contact information, etc。

       Organization/Institution Name: 
       <company name>
Address: <address> <post code> <city> <country>
Organization representative: <name> <position> <department> <email>
Organization website: <website url>
Organization Introduction: <brief description of organization>
OpenStack Applications: <brief description of your OpenStack applications> <e.g. OpenStack project/modules involved; platform scale; supported applications> <if you are a technical service provider, please introduce the financial customer use case>
Areas of concern: <for example> <1. Financial network> <2. Advanced storage technology> <3. Container integration> <4. Edge computing>
Would you like to participate in existing sub WG or create a new sub WG? <name of sub WG>
Recent plan
  • Recruiting members, welcome to join!!!
    • We are planning for a kick-off meeting at OpenStack Sydney Summit 2017, stay tuned!
  • Organize Sub WG to launch joint technical research
  1. Identify 20+ gaps when using OpenStack to build financial clouds
  2. Abstract 2 financial cloud user stories and promote successful case sharing
  3. Research on financial cloud network reference architectures (RAs)
Communication Methods
  • Mail List

Sign-up for the User Committee mailing listː http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/user-committee
Send all email prefix with tag [Financial] in the subject.

  • IRC channel


Important minutes of meetings

We will open our discussion of the work!!!

Deliverables and Results

Research results will be shared!!!