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** https://opendev.org/x/python-fenixclient
** https://opendev.org/x/python-fenixclient
===Stein releasenotes ===
===Stein release notes ===
During Stein release, Fenix most important new features were the stories below:
During Stein release, Fenix most important new features were the stories below:

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What is Fenix?

Fenix implements rolling infrastructure maintenance, upgrade and scaling. It can do this also in interaction with the application on top of it if the application supports it. In Telco world we talk about VNFM, but one can implement own simple manager for any application.

Infrastructure admin can call Fenix API to start a maintenance workflow session. This session will make needed maintenance, upgrade and scaling operations to infrastructure optionally in interaction with the application manager to guarantee zero downtime for its service. Interaction gives the ability for application manager to know about new capabilities coming over maintenance to make his own upgrade. The application can have a time window to finish what he is doing, make own action to re-instantiate his instance or have Fenix to make the migration. Also, seamless application scaling or retirement will be possible.

As Fenix will have project-specific messaging with information about instances affected towards application manager, it will also have admin level messaging. This messaging can tell what host is down for maintenance, so any infrastructure components can have this information. Special case for this would also be telling about adding or removing a host.

The architecture is pluggable to manage different use cases, clouds and payloads. There will be a plugin for workflow used and for the pre-, host- and post-actions.

Architecture presentation about Fenix
Fenix - Rolling Upgrade, Maintenance and Scaling with Zero Impact to VNF
Fenix is based on the work done in the OPNFV Doctor.
Doctor maintenance design guideline


Stein release notes

During Stein release, Fenix most important new features were the stories below:

  • 2004147 Ability to download plug-ins and SW changes
  • 2004146 Support for one-click upgrade
  • 2003846 Support for action plug-in
  • 2003830 Fenix workflow error handling and use of database

With these, Fenix is already usable for trialing. Anyhow it will be in Train priorities to have it more mature.

Train priorities

There was a session in Denver PTG to define the priorities.

As there were two non-Telco users wanting to start using Fenix, it was the most important thing driving the priorities:


Also, there was a discussion about ETSI NFV harmonization:


This will still need more discussion and thinking. It is a very important topic, but not the first priority


Communication and Meetings


bi-weekly meeting on Monday 5 AM UTC.

Note! No meeting 6th May just after summit/PTG

Next meeting: 20th May Topics (feel free to add one):

  • Status
  • AoB

11th March meeting minutes:

Contact Us

  • IRC channel for regular daily discussions: #openstack-fenix
  • Use [fenix] tag for Fenix emails on OpenStack Mailing Lists