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Fast forward upgrades

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Fast Forward Upgrade steps

This document will serve to record a suggested path (and gotchas) when performing a fast-forward upgrade (ffu), as well as link to relevant projects (triple-o, ansible, etc) documentation for ffu.

What is a Fast Forward Upgrade?

A fast-forward upgrade is an offline upgrade which effectively runs the upgrade processes for all versions of openstack components from your originating version to your desired final version.


  • Control plane will be down for the entire time of upgrade
  • VMs should be accessible by customer
  • Since control plane is down, operator can't do actions on existing instances (duh!)
  • Take a full backup of your database before running the migration scripts just in case things get weird

Why offline not online?

High level upgrade process

Detailed X->Y upgrade reports

Oath fast-forward upgrade process for Juno to Ocata

Upgrade scripts

Testing Fast Forward upgrades



  • There is a corner case when Upgrading from Nova X (figure out which version) to Y that you bring the cluster online and allow it to perform another upgrade step online. When fast-forwarding through this version you'll need to run some manual steps to fix things up correctly. Or you'll need to pause your FFU and bring the cluster online during this intermediary version. (Just stubbing this out, add details.)