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(Technical Team)
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'''Status''': Forming
'''Status''': Active
'''Organisers''':  Carol Barrett <carol.l.barrett@intel.com>
'''Organisers''':  Carol Barrett <carol.l.barrett@intel.com>

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Status: Active

Organisers: Carol Barrett <carol.l.barrett@intel.com>

Mission is to conduct gap analysis of OpenStack vs. Enterprise Private Cloud needs, identify issues, and create action plans to solve them.


The main scope of this group is to look at "Pet"-style workloads on Private Clouds in large, process-heavy organisations.

Out of scope of this working group are: service provider or telco workloads and billing tools.

How To Join

Email Carol Barrett <carol.l.barrett@intel.com> and let her know whether you want to be on the technical or marketing team.


Technical Team

  • Engage PTLs on priority use cases and assess Juno Blueprints to identify gaps
  • Develop required blueprints, work with community membets for development support with plans to submit Paris/Kilo design sumit
  • For documentaiton items, engage the Foundation Team, Anne Gentle, Marketing teams


  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Managability
  • Service Availability
  • Application Availability

Marketing/Business Team