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'''Status''': Forming
#REDIRECT [[Application Ecosystem Working Group]]
'''Organisers''': Chris Kemp <chris.c.kemp@nebula.com>; Tom Fifield <tom@openstack.org>; Evan Scheessele <evan@hp.com>
Application Developers are consumers of OpenStack services run by private, public or hybrid clouds. Traditionally, this group has not been well served by the OpenStack community, since they mostly do not actively participate in the upstream program.
* Provide a set of recommendations to improve the experience of API consumers, including:
** changes to the design summit, and other OpenStack events
** foundation staffing and tasks
* Provide a voice and stewardship to represent the API consumer in the community
* Coordinate a limited number of technical projects to improve the experience of API consumers
==How to Join==
If you wish to participate in the activity, please email the organisers.
==Example Projects==
* Outreach to API consumer customers
* API Documentation

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