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=== Previous Meetings ===
=== Previous Meetings ===
* https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslabs-meeting-logs
* https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/oslabs-meeting-logs
== Team Members ==
* Pranav Salunke, IRC: dguitarbite
* Roger Luethi, IRC: rluethi
* Sayali Lunkad, IRC: sayalilunkad
* Name, IRC: Nick, role/interests.

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About openstack labs

openstack Lab scripts aim to install a working openstack cluster on your computer. They are faster, reproducible and automated way of following openstack install-guides to install a cluster into VirtualBox/KVM and should run on most common hardware (Desktops/Laptops) out of the box.

Quick Links

Meeting Information

  • Meetings are twice a month on alternating Thursday's ((5:00-5:30 PM UTC)):
   Meeting link: Google Hangout
  • Meeting dates:
   ** Next meeting: 17th Sept 15
   ** Next-to-next meeting: 1st Oct 15

Previous Meetings