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Documentation Newsletters

This is where I draft the 'What's Up, Doc?' documentation newsletters. The newsletter is distributed every Friday (ish), to the openstack-docs mailing list. If you want to be added to the distribution list, or have content to add, please edit these sections:

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Speciality team reports are gathered here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Speciality_Team_Reports

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Looking for older editions?

You can see older newsletters here: Documentation/WhatsUpDoc_Archive

18 November 2016

Hi everyone,

First of all, Newton docs are live on http://docs.openstack.org/ \o/

Thank you to our release managers, Olena and Alex, who have put in the hard yards over the past few weeks to get us in good shape. Thanks also to Andreas and Kato-san, for everything that they do, and to our speciality team leads and cross project liaisons. And thanks to Christian and Matt for the last minute assistance.

Of course, every release belongs to all of you who have written, tested, reviewed, updated, triaged, and edited over the last six months. Well done on another successful release :)

Don't forget that you can still use "#success" before a message in any OpenStack IRC channel to call out wins, they are gathered here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Successes

Progress towards Newton

Newton has been released unto the world. We fixed 479 bugs this cycle, and completed 15 blueprints.

We'll begin planning for Ocata over the next couple of weeks, culminating in the Barcelona Summit 25-28 October, where we'll develop our Ocata deliverables list. Stay tuned!

The Road to Barcelona

Our docs schedule is now available here: https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/global-search?t=Documentation%3A

We are also hoping to have a docs session in the Ops track. I'll get back to you with more information on that as soon as I have it.

I've requested a docs track at the PTG in Atlanta next February, which will be used for Ocata review and Pike planning. Please let me know if you intend to participate.

Core Team Reviews

Just a quick note that we won't be holding a core team review in November, as it conflicts with Summit. We'll resume these in December for the Ocata cycle.

Doc team meeting

We will take a short break and resume the normal meeting schedule after Summit. In the meantime, you can catch most of us in #openstack-doc in a variety of timezones, so feel free to drop in and ask questions any time.


Keep on doc'ing!