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OpenStack Document Translation Guide

OpenStack uses Zanata as translation server to manage translations. OpenStack Manuals are in DocBook and RST format. We slice the documents into short statements, then use the translatoin server to manage the translation process, and finally converge the translated content into a new copy of DocBook or RST, which will used to generate HTML and PDF versions.

If you want to contribute to document translation, there are several different roles which you can contribute as.

As translator or reviewer

Set yourself up as translator as explained in the i18n team page.

Generate documents for a certain language

You can follow the below steps to generate the translated HTML and PDF documents if you want. Just go to the repository that you want to review and run

 tox -e checklang

Translations are imported every day into our repositories. The file `doc-tools-check-languages.conf` in a repository documents which manuals get built for which languages.