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Pike Documentation Testing

This page tracks documentation changes that relate to a particular release.

Use the following draft versions and update the table accordingly. After distributions release official packages, use Launchpad to report issues a links to them in the "Issues" section below the table.



Testing Matrix

Section Ubuntu 16.04 RHEL/CentOS 7 openSUSE Leap 42.2 SLES 12 SP1/2 Debian Debian with debconf
Launch instance
Firewalls and default ports
Overall Guide

Warning.svg Untested
✗ = One or more issues - Please describe below
✚X = Verified with milestone(x) or release candidate(rcX)
✚X = Implemented workaround, verified with milestone(x) or release candidate(rcX)
✔ = Verified with official release
✔ = Implemented workaround, verified with official release
N/A = not available for this distribution


Note any issues here including links to bugs. Remember to use the testing etherpad before release and Launchpad after release.