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[09:00] 	*	Now talking on #openstack-ops-guide
[09:00] 	*	Topic for #openstack-ops-guide is: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/OpsGuide
[09:00] 	*	Topic for #openstack-ops-guide set by Zucan!~Zucan@a-162-150-162-240.sys.comcast.net at Thu Jun 25 09:06:31 2015
[09:00] 	<mpmsimo>	Hello
[09:00] 	<med_>	\o
[09:01] 	<med_>	The wiki is missing log from last week. I'll see if I saved a copy and upload it now.
[09:01] 	*	ShillaSaebi (492732a5@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #openstack-ops-guide
[09:01] 	<ShillaSaebi>	hi everyone
[09:01] 	<cburkett>	think i have a copy
[09:02] 	<cburkett>	hi
[09:02] 	<fifieldt>	hi
[09:02] 	<med_>	cburkett, feel free to paste it/attach it to the wiki
[09:02] 	*	fifieldt is in another meting at the same time again
[09:02] 	<med_>	ditto
[09:02] 	<med_>	IRL
[09:02] 	*	cburkett is too old to multitask effectively
[09:03] 	<cburkett>	med_: will do
[09:03] 	<ShillaSaebi>	awesome
[09:03] 	<ShillaSaebi>	hope those that are in the states had a nice long weekend
[09:03] 	<med_>	+1
[09:05] 	<cburkett>	definitely - i even got a chance to submit a change to the guide
[09:05] 	<Zucan>	The weekend is over?  I didn't get the memo.
[09:06] 	<ShillaSaebi>	awesome
[09:06] 	<ShillaSaebi>	did your change get merged through
[09:06] 	<ShillaSaebi>	I didn't get a chance to review it
[09:06] 	<cburkett>	yeah it's merged
[09:07] 	<cburkett>	thanks to all reviewers
[09:07] 	<ShillaSaebi>	great
[09:08] 	<ShillaSaebi>	ok so looking at the meeting notes, did you all get a chance to go through the ops guide
[09:08] 	<ShillaSaebi>	or have any updates to add?
[09:08] 	*	jproulx (~jon@2001:470:8b2d:1e1c:baca:3aff:fea2:d5d6) has joined #openstack-ops-guide
[09:08] 	<Zucan>	No, I didn't even crack it open this past week :(
[09:09] 	<cburkett>	i have some more changes for chap 1 to submit
[09:09] 	<ShillaSaebi>	thats great cburkett
[09:09] 	<pratap>	i will focus more  this week
[09:09] 	<cburkett>	also, what do you want to do about diagrams?  i noted a couple that need changes; should i open bugs for them?
[09:10] 	<ShillaSaebi>	yes please
[09:10] 	<cburkett>	ok
[09:10] 	<med_>	ShillaSaebi, I couldn't find last week's notes on line so I asked cburkett to push them to the wiki.
[09:11] 	<ShillaSaebi>	oh i just posted them
[09:11] 	<ShillaSaebi>	sorry
[09:11] 	<med_>	so couldn't really review them and get my actions completed. Lart me.
[09:11] 	<med_>	no worries.
[09:11] 	<med_>	but I'll get my last week's actions done now... :^)
[09:11] 	<ShillaSaebi>	<med_> NOTE TO SELF: Put a reminder on Wednesday to prep for Thursday meetings....
[09:11] 	<ShillaSaebi>	lol
[09:11] 	<ShillaSaebi>	sorry I was a little late on posting them
[09:11] 	<med_>	I tried to prep last night...
[09:11] 	<med_>	:^)
[09:11] 	*	med_ has another right after this...
[09:12] 	<ShillaSaebi>	so basically review the guide, log bugs, fix as you go along if you can :)
[09:12] 	<Zucan>	I will make it my mission to do all that before next week! :)
[09:12] 	<ShillaSaebi>	ok that sounds good
[09:13] 	<ShillaSaebi>	if nobody else has any updates, then i think we can call it
[09:13] 	<ShillaSaebi>	does anyone have anything to bring up?
[09:13] 	<ShillaSaebi>	questions, comments concerns?
[09:13] 	<med_>	erm, comment:
[09:14] 	<med_>	don't make the notes a pdf. That's painful.
[09:14] 	<med_>	rather, request
[09:14] 	*	med_ will fix it.
[09:14] 	<med_>	certainly better than no notes though, so we'll progress.
[09:14] 	<med_>	today's notes can be very short.
[09:16] 	<ShillaSaebi>	ok
[09:16] 	<ShillaSaebi>	cool
[09:16] 	<ShillaSaebi>	alright anything else guys?
[09:16] 	<Zucan>	I'm good, thanks Shilla.
[09:17] 	<ShillaSaebi>	alright thanks everyone, see you next week!
[09:17] 	*	jproulx (~jon@2001:470:8b2d:1e1c:baca:3aff:fea2:d5d6) has left #openstack-ops-guide
[09:18] 	*	pratap (~Adium@pool-71-163-61-208.washdc.fios.verizon.net) has left #openstack-ops-guide
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