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= Team Members =
= Team Members =
* Shilla Saebi (Shilla.Saebi@gmail.com)  
* Shilla Saebi (Shilla.Saebi@gmail.com)  
* Scott Adkins
* Scott Adkins (adkinss@gmail.com)
* Christian Berendt (berendt@b1-systems.de)
* Christian Berendt (berendt@b1-systems.de)

Revision as of 18:28, 3 June 2015

The operations guide team is forming.


We are a new group and are still working on planning and organizing. A doodle invitation will be sent so that we can compromise on when we will hold our meetings

Team Members

  • Shilla Saebi (Shilla.Saebi@gmail.com)
  • Scott Adkins (adkinss@gmail.com)
  • Christian Berendt (berendt@b1-systems.de)


  • Open reviews


  • Arch Guide

There is a plan in place for the APAC OpenStack contributors to work on improving the Arch Guide at a documentation swarm in August. In this swarm the plan is to work on basic formatting, spelling, grammar, and clarifying/updating technical content. Hopefully our team can help with a restructure of the Arch guide