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Liberty Documentation Testing

This page tracks documentation changes that relate to a particular release.

Installation Guide

Use the following draft versions and update the table accordingly. If you come across an issue, search for an existing bug on Launchpad and open a new bug if necessary. Also, provide a link to your bug in the "Issues" section below the table.

Section Ubuntu 14.04 RHEL/CentOS 7 openSUSE 13.2 SLES 12 Debian 8
Overview and architecture ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Environment ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Identity ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Image service ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Compute ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Networking: Architecture 1 ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Networking: Architecture 2 ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Dashboard ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Block Storage ✚rc2 ✚rc2 ✚rc2 Warning.svg
Object Storage ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Orchestration ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Telemetry Warning.svg ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Launch instance: Architecture 1 ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Launch instance: Architecture 2 ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg
Overall Guide ✚rc2 ✚rc1 ✚rc1 Warning.svg

Warning.svg Untested
✗ = One or more issues - Please describe below
✚X = Verified with milestone(x) or release candidate(rcX)
✚X = Implemented workaround, verified with milestone(x) or release candidate(rcX)
✔ = Verified with official release
✔ = Implemented workaround, verified with official release
N/A = not available for this distribution


Config Reference

Section Status
ceilometer Warning.svg
cinder Warning.svg
glance Warning.svg
heat Warning.svg
keystone Warning.svg
neutron Warning.svg
nova Warning.svg
swift Warning.svg
trove Warning.svg
firewalls and default ports Warning.svg

Warning.svg = Not updated
✚X = Verified with milestone(x) or release candidate(rcX)
✔ = Verified with official release


Note any issues here including links to bugs.