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Welcome to the home page for the Install Guide Specialty Team!

About the Install Guide team

Specialty team for developing and maintaining the OpenStack Install Guide.

Quick links

Meeting information

We are rebooting the meeting series. Please add your usual timezone to your name to help choose a suitable time.

Install Team meeting information

Agenda for next meeting

Logs from past meetings

Team members

  • Lana Brindley, team lead, Docs PTL.
  • Christian Berendt, interested in migration to RST, automated testing and updating (screenshots, outputs), no preference for a distribution (can take care of Fedora/RHEL/CentOS, this is my primary set of distributions)
  • Pranav Salunke, Intresting in rewamping install-guides. Also intrested in automatic testing of install guides using training-labs.
  • Thomas Goirand, Debian
  • Karen Bradshaw, help convert the install guide to RST
  • Harry Sutton, interested in maintaining currency and accuracy in the install guides. I work for HP in Technology Services and worry about things like serviceability.
  • Brian Moss, interested in improving the guides
  • Haïkel Guémar, RDO maintainer, will act as a liaison.
  • Petr Kovar, interested in RDO specific content
  • Name, role/interests

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