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Doc Comments Guidelines

A released set of documents has Disqus comments enabled, but the docs.openstack.org/trunk site does not have Disqus comments enabled. The Disqus identifiers are mapped to particular documents. If you would like to be a moderator on particular Disqus topics, first sign up for Disqus, then send an email to openstack-docs@openstack.org with your Disqus email address and which topics from the list below you would like to moderate and respond to questions.

  • Keystone Developer Guide (os-identitydevguide)
  • OpenStack API Quick Start (os-apiquickstart)
  • OpenStack Command Line Interface Clients Guide (os-cliguide)
  • OpenStack High Availability Guide (openstack-ha-guide)
  • OpenStack Install and Deploy Manual - Fedora/RHEL/CentOS (os-install-yum)
  • OpenStack Install and Deploy Manual - Ubuntu/Debian (os-install-apt)
  • OpenStack Compute API Programmer Guide (os-computeapiprogrammer)
  • OpenStack Networking (os-neutron-guides)
  • OpenStack Documentation includes Compute Admin Guide, Object Storage admin guide, Compute API v2, Object Storage API v1.0 (openstackdocs)
  • OpenStack Basic Installation Guide - Fedora/RHEL/CentOS (os-yum-basic-install)
  • OpenStack Basic Installation Guide - openSUSE (os-zypper-basic-install)
  • OpenStack Basic Installation Guide - Ubuntu/Debian (os-apt-basic-install)

Note: We should probably have separate Disqus topics for each book. Plus the image API doesn't have Disqus comments enabled currently. Tracking with this doc bug: 1067208

When a doc comment comes in that shows there's a doc bug, log the doc bug, then paste the link to the bug back into the comment thread so the reporter can track. Then once the bug is fixed, indicate that in the comment also, closing the loop on the doc bug (that was basically submitted through the commenting system.)