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Here's a listing of all documentation pom.xml files and build job files. The pom.xml files live with the documentation in the respective repository. The build jobs live in the openstack-infra/config repository.

openstack-manuals, three branches, essex, folsom, master

openstack-admin-manual-compute (1) essex, folsom, master
openstack-admin-manual-netconn (1) essex, folsom, master
openstack-admin-manual-object (1) essex, folsom, master
openstack-cli-guide (1) folsom, master
openstack-glossary (1) folsom, master
openstack-install-deploy-guide-apt-fedora (1, shared with install/deploy ubuntu) essex, folsom, master
openstack-install-deploy-guide-ubuntu (shared with above) essex, folsom, master
openstack-basic-install (1) folsom, master
openstack-ha (1) folsom, master
openstack-ops (1) folsom, master

api-site (no branches for API docs)

openstack-api-programming guide (1)
api-quick-start (1)
api-reference (1)

compute-api (3) image-api (2) object-api (1) netconn-api (2) volume-api (1) identity-api (2)

Total: 23 (ops) +14 (api) =37 books build with jobs, 24 pom.xml files get built